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Samantha Faiers

...born 31 December 1990 (currently 23 years old), is an English television personality, best known for starring in The Only Way Is Essex (TOWIE). She entered the Celebrity Big Brother 13 house on 3 January 2014. After 3 weeks in the Celebrity Big Brother House, Sam finished in fifth place, to be welcomed out of the house by her blazing and growing number of fans. What's next for Sam? Will Sam return to TOWIE, or will she be flooded by better offers? We think that she is going to have a fabulous celebrity career either way! Good luck Sam, you're our one to watch this year.  

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Sam Faiers' Perfume Launch

Former TOWIE and Big Brother star was in Newcastle to promote her new fragrance in Eldon Square in Newcastle. The 23 year old from Essex greeted a huge fanbase, some of which waiting more than five hours just to catch a glipse of our Sam Faiers. The stage was set and she dazzled Geordie toon to launch her new perfume “La Bella”. Sam who is back dating Joey Essex, said “It has been good to get out of Essex and get further up North. I would loved to have stayed a while but I’m so busy I’ve got to get back.”

Following a trip by her boyfriend, Joey Essex, last week who was in Newcastle for a book signing fans decribed her as “a good role model” who came across as a “really friendly person.” Fans of Sam learnt that whilst her big day was exciting she wasn’t able to let loose on the city...

“I would love a night out on the town here, which I will definitely do at some point. A few people have recommended places I should go.

“The fragrance is doing really well and I’m pleased with how it’s going. It is number one for celebrity fragrances at the moment.

“I would just like to say thank you to all the fans for coming down and I really appreciate it. It’s great to meet them all.”

We’ll be keeping up to date with Sam’s updates and supporting her with the sales of her new fragrance which if you’re like us, you will be rushing to the nearest fragrance shop!



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